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Chevreuse. The Grataloup Museum in Chevreuse: An enchanting journey into contemporary art.

Article published in Ouest France on Thursday, August 31, 2023. Ouest France:

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Can you present your association in a few sentences?

Milena Cheynet De Beaupré, for the Friends of the Grataloup Museum

Founded on October 24, 2020, the Association of Friends of the Grataloup Museum aims to "offer the widest possible audience access to an original work and contribute to its national and international recognition, as well as to the cultural appeal of its setting, Chevreuse and its valley."

Housed in the chapel of the Saint-Saturnin priory, at the heart of the historic center of the town of Chevreuse, the Grataloup Museum is a true gem of contemporary art that attracts art enthusiasts from the Chevreuse Valley region as well as Parisians looking for an artistic getaway on the weekends.

This museum, inaugurated in March 2022, presents a series of exhibitions that pay tribute to the work of Grataloup, a painter born in 1935 in Nantua, as well as to all the great artists who contributed to the emergence of contemporary art in France in the 1960s.

Since its opening in March 2022, the Grataloup Museum has annually featured a diverse exhibition program showcasing the leading painters of contemporary art. Currently, the museum is concluding its third season


What are your goals and projects for the year 2023/24?

Milena Cheynet De Beaupré

Until November 12, 2023,

The Grataloup Museum presents "The Trees Have Spoken, an Ecological and Symbolic Message." For the painter Grataloup, nature, and especially trees, are a constant source of inspiration. The tree is, above all, a symbol of life in constant evolution for him.

In the garden section, the Grataloup Museum hosts other artists. Currently, Stella Briann, an energy painter, is exhibiting her work. Stella extends her energy healing practices through her paintings. For this exhibition, the paintings have been created on Azobé wood, a highly resistant exotic wood used in the construction of Deauville's boardwalks. Each of the exhibited works represents a chakra.

Starting from November 18, 2023, until April 21, 2024, for its fourth season since its opening, the GRATALOUP Museum will feature two artists who perfectly correspond in their respective artistic universes:

  • Ladislas Kijno (1921-2012), a French artist born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1921, a major figure in the informal painting movement.

  • Laurette Succar. A visual artist of Lebanese origin, born in 1970. A poet, scenographer, painter, and visual artist, Laurette Succar taught philosophy in the Paris region. She is also an editor of artist's books. Her works are regularly exhibited in France and abroad. Her artist's books are part of prestigious collections, including the National Library of France in Paris.


What are your needs: members, volunteers...? How can one join you?

Milena Cheynet De Beaupré

The Grataloup Museum operates privately and does not receive any public subsidies for its operations. Therefore, we rely on your donations to support the museum. Every year, the museum launches a donation campaign at the beginning of the season, which allows us to increase our membership and implement our annual projects. Any offers of volunteer help are welcome at the museum. I am available to share my passion for the Grataloup Museum's journey.

Grataloup Museum - 3 rue de l'église - 78460 Chevreuse


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