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Explore Paris and Beyond - A Budget-Friendly Boutique to Discover at the GRATALOUP Museum

Make sure to explore the museum's boutique, where you'll find a variety of souvenirs to suit all budgets, both big and small.
Grataloup Museum Shop at Chevreuse Contemporary Art Center

If you're planning a weekend getaway around Paris, the GRATALOUP Museum, located in the heart of the Chevreuse Valley, welcomes you to embark on a sensory journey through exceptional artworks. After your visit, make sure to explore the museum's boutique, where you'll find a variety of souvenirs to suit all budgets, both big and small.


Explore a Variety of Museum Items for Every Budget Without Venturing Far from Paris

Among the treasures of the museum's boutique, you will find a collection of postcards, magnets, and bookmarks, as well as beautiful snow globes featuring the latest artwork by the painter, "En haut comme en bas," showcasing all the exhibited works at the museum. These small wonders allow you to bring a part of the artist's artistic universe into your home. Each piece is carefully crafted to capture the very essence of Grataloup's works, offering a unique visual experience for all budgets, both small and large.

Prices range from €2.50 to €20 at the museum boutique

The boutique of the GRATALOUP Museum, spoilt for choice.
Postcards, magnets, bookmarks, snow globes, feathers, GRATALOUP notebooks... Souvenirs within reach.

Small Original Signed Artworks by the Painter: Treasures to Take Home Without Breaking the Bank

Discover at the boutique, the small original artworks framed and signed by the painter Grataloup himself. These unique pieces offer an exceptional opportunity to own an original creation by this renowned artist. Carefully framed, these small original artworks capture the essence of Grataloup's art in all its splendor. They are complete artistic treasures, showcasing the artist's mastery and unique perspective on the world. Whether you're starting your own collection of contemporary art or looking for a precious gift, these small original artworks invite you to bring an authentic piece of Grataloup into your home.

Starting at €280 at the museum boutique.

The GRATALOUP Museum boutique offers a selection of original artworks signed by GRATALOUP.
Original Signed Artworks on Paper by Grataloup

Indulge in affordable pleasure with reproductions of Grataloup's artworks.

For those who desire to own a faithful reproduction of a Grataloup painting, the museum boutique has carefully selected two major works from the exhibition: "The spirit of the Tree" and "The Tree of Knowledge." These reproductions are printed on aluminum and will amaze you with their exceptional quality and faithfulness to the original artwork.

Available at the museum boutique for €39.50.

Affordable and Faithful Reproductions of Original Artworks
Aluminum Reproductions - "Spirit of the Tree" and "Tree of Knowledge" Canvases

Everything about the Painter's Life in His Studios in Paris and Chevreuse: Exhibition Catalogs, Monographs, and Biographies

Art enthusiasts will also find their joy among the numerous publications dedicated to the artist, including exhibition catalogs, monographs, and philosophical essays. The boutique offers a diverse selection of books that allow for a deeper understanding of Grataloup's body of work. Art lovers can immerse themselves in the painter's creative universe and discover the many facets of his talent. Exclusive to the museum is "GRATALOUP Couleur Lumière," a biography written by Milena and the painter in 2017.

Prices range from €10 to €54 at the museum boutique.

All Biographical Documents of the Painter Grataloup at the Museum Boutique
Exhibition Catalogs, Monographs, and Biographies

Signed Posters of Iconic Exhibition Paintings

Signed posters of the painter's iconic artworks also hold a special place in the boutique. Among them, the renowned "Pommier Lumière" and "Pommier Printemps" are absolute must-haves. These posters captivate with their beauty and luminosity, adding a true artistic brilliance to any interior. Let's not forget "Soleil Rouge," which serves as the poster for the exhibition "Les Arbres m'ont dit" and embodies the expressive power of the painter on its own.

Available for €20 at the museum boutique.

The museum boutique offers signed posters by GRATALOUP for sale
Signed Posters of Iconic Exhibition Paintings

Discovery Games and Activities: Moulin Roty Sparks Your Children's Imagination

In addition to products related to Grataloup's artworks, the museum also offers games and discovery activities from the Moulin Roty range, a French creator of quality toys for the past 50 years. Insect hotels, nature-themed lotto games, flower presses and herbariums, gardener's suitcases, story lamps, transfers, and many other creative activities are available to awaken the curiosity and imagination of your children.

Starting at €14.50 at the museum boutique.

Moulin Roty: A Range of Nature and Discovery Games at the Museum Boutique
Insect Hotels, Nature-themed Lotto Game, Story Lamp, Herbariums, and Flower Presses at the GRATALOUP Museum Boutique

Explore Nature and Plant Life with Our Selection of Pocket Guides

Lastly, the Grataloup Museum Boutique offers a carefully curated selection of pocket guides that allow you to explore and appreciate the nature around us. Whether it's identifying wildflowers on a picturesque walk or discovering the delights of edible flowers, these pocket guides are indispensable companions for nature lovers. They also make for a unique and affordable gift idea.

Available for €10 at the museum boutique

The museum boutique showcases a selection of pocket guides for exploring the surrounding nature.
Pocket Guides on Wildflowers and Edible Wild Plants

Stella Briann - When Art and Energy Become One

The museum boutique also reserves a special place for the artist and energy practitioner, Stella Briann, showcasing her work in the museum's garden area. In harmony with her practice of energy healing, Stella extends her artistry through her creations that reflect the profound benefits of the energy she channels. Two of her unique pieces are available for sale in the museum boutique, offering visitors the opportunity to acquire artwork infused with this healing energy. Each canvas by Stella Briann is a true sensory experience, capturing vitality and healing through colors, shapes, and patterns. Don't miss the chance to discover and own these precious works that merge art and energy, bringing a new dimension to your environment and well-being.

"ART" - Stella Briann: €1000 (Watch the creation video of the artwork "ART" by Stella Briann)

"ONE LIFE" - Stella Briann: €500

Stella Briann - A Magnificent Body of Work to Discover and Experience
"ART" 100 x 100 cm - Stella Briann - Canvas created during the "Night of Museums 2023" event
Stella Briann - An Exceptional Artist and Energetic Painter
"ONE LIFE" 60 x 80 cm - Stella Briann

Affordable Treasures of Energy to Bring Home

The boutique of Grataloup Museum also offers a range of merchandise inspired by Stella Briann's artworks. You can find aluminum reproductions and magnets featuring the wooden artworks displayed in the museum's garden, representing the seven chakras of the body, which are focal points of our vital energy. These items allow you to bring a piece of the artist's energy-infused creations into your own space.

Aluminium reproduction :€39,50

Magnets: €5,50

Discover a range of aluminum reproductions and magnets at the boutique of Grataloup Museum, showcasing Stella Briann's captivating artworks inspired by the theme of chakras.
Aluminum Reproductions and Chakra-themed Magnets of Stella Briann's Wooden Artworks

The boutique of the Grataloup Museum at the Contemporary Art Center in Chevreuse is more than just a souvenir shop. It is a true paradise for art lovers and enthusiasts of Grataloup. Whether you are visiting Paris or looking to go out for a cultural getaway, explore this enchanting museum. Let yourself be captivated by these artistic treasures that will awaken your imagination and fuel your passion for contemporary art.

GRATALOUP Museum: Contemporary Art Center in Chevreuse

3 rue de l'église - 78460 Chevreuse


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