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"Journey into the Heart of the 'Living Body' - An Exhibition at the GRATALOUP Museum labeled 'Cultural Olympiad' by Paris 2024"

Fifth Exhibition Season for the GRATALOUP Museum
"Living Body" Exhibition at GRATALOUP Museum, Chevreuse

"The Grataloup Museum, a Contemporary Art Center in Chevreuse, will open its doors for its fifth exhibition season on Saturday, March 30, 2024, for the Easter weekend: an exhibition selected by Paris 2024."

Entitled "Living Body," this new edition explores the theme of the "Body," offering visitors a unique sensory journey. The event holds particular significance as an artistic contribution to the 2024 Games.

Indeed, the exhibition has been honored with the prestigious label "Cultural Olympiad 2024," awarded by the organizing committee of the games, Paris 2024. Combining art and sport, "muscle with the mind," is one of the cornerstones of Olympism, as highlighted by Pierre de Coubertin.

"Living Body" promises to be an immersive artistic experience, delving into themes of freedom, movement, energy, and love through the body, in a creative dialogue between two artists, in harmony with the spirit of the Olympic Games.

In the chapel of the priory, the works of the symbolist painter GRATALOUP, after whom the museum is named, celebrate the synergy of body and spirit through birth, life, and death.

In the garden, Antoinette ROZAN has placed her sculptures and hung her calligraphies on the walls in a joyful and colorful choreography. Movement, energy, and freedom are the themes she explores in her work.

The magic of the place or time has worked its charm. In a secret conversation that belongs only to them, these two artists establish a true dialogue of colors, celebrating all expressions of the Living Body, much to the delight of visitors.


"My palette of colors includes blue, yellow, red, and their complementary colors. The materials I use are gold, silver, copper, brass, as well as sand. I'm called a painter, but I'm merely the artisan of a nature that unleashes my inspiration."

Tritptych - GRATALOUP Painter - Grand Adam and Eve - GRATALOUP Museum
Large Adam and Eve - GRATALOUP Painter

GRATALOUP, a New Symbolist

"I am one of the last symbolists, if not the last."

Qualified in 2005 as a "New Symbolist" by German critics during a major retrospective in Germany, GRATALOUP emerges as an enigmatic figure within the Symbolist movement, captivating artistic imagination in a fusion of mystical elements and evocative symbols.

This "New Symbolist" transcends the boundaries of traditional art, delving into the depths of the human soul to reveal hidden truths. Grataloup's works transport the viewer into a dreamlike world, where reality merges with the imaginary, and where every line and every color are gateways to a symbolic dimension, rich in esoteric meanings. Through his unique artistic language, Grataloup embodies spiritual exploration and the quest for meaning, inviting the audience to explore the mysteries of life through the prism of contemporary symbolism.


"I realized that I am very paradoxical. I sculpt even though I don't see the reliefs. In my sculptures and paintings, it's the movement that I express even though my back is frozen. The reality of relief and movement, I don't know them. But maybe life is just a dream... We are here to go beyond."

The paradox lies at the heart of the strength that Antoinette Rozan instills in her works. She sculpts in three dimensions, yet she sees only with one eye. She expresses the idea that life is a perpetual wave of energy in motion, even as her spine has been sealed since childhood. In her works, she also embodies the joy of living, despite a life marked by trials. Through her work and her messages, we reconnect with the idea that anything is possible despite the appearances of life, which sometimes seem like insurmountable obstacles.

Bronze sculpture by Antoinette ROZAN titled "Bridge"
"Bridge" - Antoinette ROZAN sculpture - GRATALOUP Museeum

Antoinette Rozan's sculptures and calligraphies dance with contagious vitality, capturing the very essence of life and celebrating it in all its splendor. Each artwork is an ode to resilience, creativity, and the beauty that can emerge even from the most challenging situations.


Creative Dialogue

In this exhibition, the works of GRATALOUP and Antoinette ROZAN engage in a true dialogue, weaving together a captivating visual narrative. The vibrant colors and characters of GRATALOUP's paintings converse with the dynamic sculptures and expressive calligraphies of Antoinette Rozan, creating a visual symphony that celebrates the diversity and richness of the human experience.

Through this creative dialogue, the two artists offer visitors an immersive experience that invites reflection, contemplation, and the discovery of new artistic horizons.


"Harmony in Motion: An Artistic Exploration of the Living Body" Labelled "Cultural Olympiad" by Paris 2024

"Living Body" promises to be much more than just a contemporary art exhibition. It's a celebration of life, creativity, and human resilience, rooted in the spirit of the 2024 Olympic Games. By receiving the "Cultural Olympiad" label from the organizing committee of the Olympics, Paris 2024, this exhibition follows a centuries-old tradition that connects art and sport, inviting visitors to explore the deep connections between body, mind, and soul.

"living Body" pledges to be an unforgettable experience, where art transcends boundaries and opens up new perspectives on the world around us.

The GRATALOUP Museum kicks off its 5th season with "Living Body - GRATALOUP Painter".
"Living Body" at the GRATALOUP Museum Contemporary Art Center - 3 rue de l'église - Chevreuse


Musée GRATALOUP - 3 rue de l'église - Chevreuse

Opening from Wednesday to Sunday: 11am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm

As the exhibition is scenographed, entry is permitted every hour (please remember to bring your smartphone earphones).

Bilingual scenography (French/English).

Guided tours available upon request for groups and schools (pedagogical program tailored for school teachers).


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