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🖌️ Educational Program 'The World of the Body' 🏅

🏛️📅 "Living Body Exhibition"

GRATALOUP (1935-2022) - Antoinette ROZAN

A dialogue on the Moving body

between a painter and a sculptor"

April 3rd - November 6th 2024

"Playful Exploration Workshops: 'The World of the Body'

🎨"These artistic workshops, specially designed for children (5-12 years old), are part of the 2024 Olympic Games. They provide a unique opportunity to explore contemporary art while delving into the themes of the body in all its expressions of life."

"The 'Living Body' exhibition has been endorsed "Cultural Olympiad"

by the committee responsible for organizing the Paris 2024 Olympic Games."

🎨🖼️"Topics Covered During the Workshop"

  1. Explore the 'Living Body' exhibition to understand how artists GRATALOUP and Antoinette ROZAN depict the human body through life and movement.

  2. The Relationship with Others: Concepts of friendship and love that provide support in difficulties and make everything possible.

  3. Family: Man, woman, child, and the crowd of humanity, all alike and all different.

  4. Birth and Death: The grand cycle of life.

These workshops aim to help children understand how they inhabit their bodies while exploring contemporary art."

📋👨‍🎨Workshop Agenda

  1. Welcome of the children and exploration of the venue and GRATALOUP stained glass windows.

  2. Listening to podcasts. Each artwork presented elaborates on one of the themes previously discussed.

  3. "Projection of a light show designed specifically for the 'Living Body' exhibition. This will offer children an immersive experience, allowing them to playfully integrate the thematic concepts developed through listening to the podcasts and exploring the paintings exhibited on the walls."

🎙️ "Podcast on Life's Challenges"

"The painting is black and gold. Black is a color when you're scared and sad. And if you're sad, you can feel a bit like you're in a thousand pieces. Like the characters in the painting. But there's a solution. If you look upwards, then you can see a big golden sky. Just look differently, and everything becomes magical, like the gold."


3 rue de l'église - 78460 Chevreuse


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