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🖌️ "Playful Exploration Workshops: 'The World of the Body'"🏅

🏛️📅 Living Body Exhibition

GRATALOUP (1935-2022) - Antoinette ROZAN

"A Dialogue on the Moving Body between a Painter and a Sculptor"

April 3 rd - November 6th 2024

Every Wednesday and school holidays

Educational Workshop: The World of the Body - Grataloup Painting

🎨These artistic workshops, specially designed for children (ages 5-12), are part of the 2024 Olympic Games. They provide a unique opportunity to explore contemporary art while delving into themes of the body across various life expressions.

The "Living Body Exhibition" has been designated as a "Cultural Olympiad" event

by the committee overseeing the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

🎨🖼️Themes Covered in the Workshop

  1. Explore the "Living Body Exhibition" to understand how artists GRATALOUP and Antoinette ROZAN depict the human body through life and movement.

  2. Relationship with others: the concepts of friendship and love that support us in difficulties and make everything possible.

  3. Family: man, woman, child, and the crowd of humanity, all alike and all different.

  4. Birth and death: the grand cycle of life.

  5. These workshops aim to help children understand how we inhabit our bodies while exploring contemporary art.

📋👨‍🎨Workshop Schedule

  1. Welcome of the children and discovery of the venue (a 10th-century priory) and the stained glass windows created by GRATALOUP in 2011 during the venue's renovation.

  2. Listening to podcasts. Each artwork presented elaborates on one of the themes previously discussed.

  3. Screening of a light and sound show specially designed for the "Living Body Exhibition". This will offer children an immersive experience, playfully integrating the thematic concepts developed through listening to the podcasts and discovering the paintings exhibited on the walls.

  4. Small plastic expression workshop focusing on the use of symbols in GRATALOUP's paintings.

🎙️Introduction Podcast for the "Living Body Exhibition"

"Right now, it's the Olympics and there's a lot of talk about sports. We do sports with our bodies. And a body is born, lives, and dies. I wanted to show this in my paintings. I created artworks and embedded secret images in them to explain how a body moves and lives. But shh, I'll explain everything to you..."

Book today! Rate: €10/child

Reduced rate: €5 per parent or accompanying person (payment at the museum reception)

Contemporary Art Center

3 rue de l'église - 78460 Chevreuse


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