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"Reading Nights 2024" at the GRATALOUP Museum - Saturday, January 20th, 8:00 PM."

"An exceptional evening not to be missed! Reading Night 2024 with Laurette SUCCAR, poet, visual artist, and publisher of Artist Books."


"Giving Body" to insubordination, rebellion to indignation, to peace, to love... through words and painting."


January 20th, 8:00 PM, an event at the GRATALOUP Museum, Contemporary Art Center in Chevreuse.
Reading Night at the GRATALOUP Museum


Exceptional Event at the 8th Reading Nights 2024

The GRATALOUP Museum, the contemporary art center in Chevreuse, invites you to a special event as part of the 8th Reading Nights 2024, organized by the National Center for the Book.

Artistic and Literary Dive at 3 Church Street on Saturday, January 20th, at 8:00 PM

Immerse yourself in the artistic and literary universe of two exceptional artists during this evening taking place on Saturday, January 20th, starting at 8:00 PM at 3 Church Street, 78460 Chevreuse.

Ladislas KIJNO and Laurette SUCCAR Honored

The GRATALOUP Museum is currently hosting an exhibition until April 17, 2024, showcasing the work of artist Ladislas KIJNO (1921-2012), a major figure in 20th-century informal painting. Explore insubordination through painting, poetry, and philosophy. Also featured is Laurette SUCCAR, a multidisciplinary artist, poet, scenographer, visual artist, and publisher of artist books.

"Giving Body: A Thoughtful and contemplative Reflection

For the GRATALOUP Museum, this literary evening, "Giving Body," offers a profound reflection on the power of creation, painting, and words. In a context of war and violence in the world in all its forms, Ladislas KIJNO and Laurette SUCCAR invite you to share an artistic and philosophical experience of love and peace


On the agenda:

  • Journey through words and Artist's Book - "La Petite aux amulettes" - Reading of poems by Laurette Succar in the presence of the artist;

  • "Kijno words" - Milena GRATALOUP

  • Share and exchange with the public

  • Sound and light show "Kijno the Warrior Painter" projected onto the vaults of the Saint-Saturnin Priory.


Participation: €10 per person

Online payment available on the museum's website



3 rue de l'église

78460 Chevreuse


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