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The GRATALOUP Museum Opens Its Doors on Sunday, July 14th for an Unforgettable Artistic Experience

The GRATALOUP Museum, a contemporary art center located at 3 rue de l'Église in Chevreuse, will open its doors this Sunday, July 14th, from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM. This will be the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover this unique venue and the exceptional exhibition "Living Body," labeled as part of the Cultural Olympiad by Paris 2024.

GRATALOUP Museum Opening Sunday, July 14th, 2024
Sunday, July 14th, 2024: Opening of the GRATALOUP Museum, Contemporary Art Center in Chevreuse

"Living Body": A Stunning Exhibition to Discover at the GRATALOUP Museum this Sunday, July 14th

Currently on display at the museum, the "Living Body" exhibition is a vibrant tribute to the synergy between body and mind. In the priory chapel, the works of symbolist painter GRATALOUP take us on a profound journey through the themes of birth, life, and death. His captivating canvases invite introspective reflection on our own existence and our relationship with the world around us.

The painter GRATALOUP presents his works on the theme of the body at the GRATALOUP Museum.
"Living Body" Grataloup paintings

A Symphony of Sculptures and Calligraphies

In the museum's garden, artist Antoinette ROZAN exhibits her sculptures and calligraphies in a joyful and colorful choreography. Antoinette ROZAN's works, characterized by movement, energy, and freedom, harmoniously interact with the surrounding nature, creating a space where art and life meet and mutually enrich each other.

Sculpture and Painted Canvas by Antoinette ROZAN
Sculpture and Painted Canvas by Antoinette ROZAN

Unique and Immersive Scenography

All exhibitions at the GRATALOUP Museum are fully staged, offering an immersive and enriching experience. Visitors are encouraged to bring their smartphone headphones to fully enjoy accompanying podcasts. This innovative setup allows for a more personal and engaging art experience. Exclusive videos also showcase the exhibiting painters, providing an insider's view into their creative process and artistic journey. These videos help visitors better understand and appreciate the context in which the artworks were created, enhancing their museum experience.

A Magical Sound and Light Show

The highlight of the visit is undoubtedly the projection of a sound and light spectacle, beautifully displayed on the vaults of the priory that houses the museum since March 2022. This visual and auditory experience transforms the sacred space into a stage where art and technology converge to create a magical and captivating atmosphere.

Un son et lumière est conçu pour chaque exposition
Son et lumière Exposition "Corps Vivant" au musée GRATALOUP

An Unforgettable Visit

The museum tour lasts approximately one hour, offering visitors a moment of relaxation and cultural discovery. Before you leave, don't forget to visit the museum shop, where you'll find unique souvenirs to extend your artistic experience at home.

This Sunday, July 14th, don't miss the opportunity to visit the GRATALOUP Museum and immerse yourself in the "Corps Vivant" exhibition. A rewarding cultural experience awaits you, both inspiring and moving.

La boutique du musée vous propose de nombreuses idées cadeaux
Boutique du musée GRATALOUP

GRATALOUP Museum - 3 rue de l'église - 78460 Chevreuse


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